“La Terrazza”

brings a slice of Italy to Shirley!

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head shot of italian ched luiz lamparelli

Luiz Lamparelli

Throughout my over 20 years’ experience as a chef, I have tried to share my passion for food, highlighting simplicity, genuine flavours, and use of seasonal products in my dishes. In this menu, my mission is to offer you some simple but traditional and homemade dishes, often inspired by the original recipes of Italian “NONNE”, grandmothers.

My intention is to celebrate Italian culinary traditions adding a pinch of creativity and to promote the use of fresh, top-quality ingredients, delivered daily and selected from local suppliers.

As a chef I have worked in several restaurants in Kent and Central London, as well as in Italy and Germany. In London I have worked with renowned celebrity-chef Enzo Oliveri, also known as “The Sicilian Chef”

I am excited to be able to accompany you on a new experience of great quality.
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CELEBRATE Italian culinary traditions WITH US!

La Terrazza - Brining a taste of italy to sherley.

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